Some comments on the file

"I have just recently discovered this wonderful series and wanted to thank you for publishing such a marvellous story and historical document! " Helgard Krause

"At first I thought Martha's diary might be a bit too female and tedious for me, but I couldn't put the book down! Your style is so full of the values of goodness, love & care, it's as if you are reaffirming these values in the reader who now seems to live in stress and turmoil - too much almost to hang on to in today's crazy world." Rob Waygood

"Have just finished reading Rebecca and the Angels. It is wonderful, but do I have to wait until November for Flying with Angels? Please publish sooner!" Kate Thompson

"Would it be possible to order 'Flying with Angels' please? Unfortunately I will not be in Pembrokeshire again until early next year........ After reading the book extract on the website, I can't wait until next year....... " Nicola Leatham

"Have thoroughly enjoyed Dark Angel and I am half way through Rebecca and the Angels.  Will be sorry when this series ends but all good things have to end sometime!!" Jill Ellicott

"Our family have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Angel Mountain saga and have read all 5 books in the series." Leigh Forman

"I was lucky enough to obtain a signed copy of Martha Morgan's Little World at a small shop in Newport so this completes the series of books, I have them all now. We had a visit to Carningli on my birthday and it was a very moving experience as I not only saw Carningli but could feel the quiet serenity of the mountain. I would like to thank you for this experience which would not have happened had you not written the Angel Mountain books which have been a source of inspiration to me." Linda Laws

"The fact that Martha Morgan is a creation of your imagination has, for me, in no way detracted from the pleasure I gained from enjoying Martha's company. Long may you continue to develop such full and interesting characters! It makes the reader feel a sense of loss when the story ends...." Sharron Clement

"The saga series is certainly worthy of classical status, and it is very easy to see Martha's story as a lavish period drama, and indeed a 'block-buster' film with, perhaps, Catherine Zeta Jones as Martha? Can't wait." Roy Waterford

"I must say once more how both my wife and I are enjoying the series of boks, they are bringing to life what it must have been like in the area in past times....... " Michael L Whitbread

"I've just finished reading Dark Angel - the story just gets better & better - will poor Martha ever find true happiness!?" Joyce Lewis

"I feel compelled to write to you having just read part 5 of the Angel Mountain Saga. Tears rolled down my face as the life of Martha Morgan came to an end and I felt a real sense of loss. All five books have been amazing, enthralling, educational and inspirational. I congratulate you on such an achievement." Pam Wilson

"I have enjoyed the first four volumes of the saga and now look forward to yet another good read. How do you keep the momentum of the story and the development of the many characters going for so long and in such a lively way?" Heather Gordon

"I write to say how much I enjoyed the seven books of the life  and times of Mistress Martha Morgan of Plas Ingli.  Once I started reading On Angel Mountain I found it difficult to put the book down, and as I continued through the remaining books it got even harder. The reader gets into the way of life of Martha and all connected with her - it gets into the blood!" Ileen White

"May I congratulate you on your fascinating Angel Mountain series which has given me many happy hours of reading. I hope to live long enough to see it become an equally delightful television series." Mair Price

"Congrats to Brian John on managing to draw all my senses into the book!!! The last time I was obsessed with a compelling need to read a book from cover to cover was 20 years ago when I read the Poldark novels by Winston Graham. Long live Martha Morgan!! " Heather Giles

"I would just like to congratulate you on a series of such wonderful books that you've written. My mother bought the whole series and was completely enthralled with them. She passed them on to me and I am currently working my way through the second book, which I find difficult to put down! " Sally Whittock

"I recently came across some of the Angel books.  Now I am hooked  Could you let me know if they are available and what it would cost to send them to me in the US?" Carey Anderson

"I wanted you to know how much I loved your last book in the Martha series.  I found I couldn’t stop crying at the end…not because I was sad, but because the completeness of her ending was something I felt said something to me very profound (my 93-year old aunt had just died so perhaps it was on my mind).  I think there is a bit of Martha in me.........." Clarissa Dann

"..........can't wait to read it! In the summer I treated my mother  to a whole set of the Angel books signed by yourself, she was over  the moon especialy having spent much of her childhood on a farm in  the area. Can't wait to visit again.  I would like  to purchase 2 signed copies of your book -- how can I get these please?" Christine Leigh

"Today I feel very lonely. After some months of reading, last evening I completed Guardian Angel, and now Martha has left me. This is only the second time I have been able to read a complete literary Saga, from beginning to end, back to back, and in one complete sitting, as it were, without any other reading in between. It has been a most satisfying, if somewhat tragic, reading experience, for which I offer you my very sincere appreciation. I first became aware of Carn Ingli on an Easter break around five or six years ago, and although the first couple of Angel Mountain books were then available, I didn't actually purchase any until earlier this year when I ordered all six in one delivery, since when Martha has been my almost constant companion, whenever I could get away from the lesser things of life." Neil Carter