Pembrokeshire 2000 by Brian John. Illustrations by the author and by Martin John. 1999. ISBN 0 905559 78 9. hardback, size A4 landscape, 112 pp, Special offer 7.50. OP

This book is a “coffee table” celebration of the old and new county of Pembrokeshire at the end of one millennium and the beginning of another. There are 100 spectacular colour photographs, many of them specially commissioned for this book. Each photograph is accompanied by a brief explanatory text. There are three sections, covering the natural landscape, the man-made landscape, and recent changes in the landscape. Each photo is located by a full grid reference, and there is a full bibliography.


Welsh Pictures from Victorian Times by Brian John. Illustrations from “Welsh Pictures Drawn with Pen and Pencil” first published in 1892.. This edited edition 1977. ISBN 0 905559 15 0. hardback, size A5, 100 pp, 2.95.This book is a delightful compilation of the best pictures and snippets of text from the Victorian volume. The illustrations are superbly drawn and typically romantic -- and they tell us a lot about Victorian perceptions of the natural world. OP.