Difficult to describe! Our workshop and upstairs gallery now contain the most comprehensive range of candles, candlesticks, and candle-related accessories to be found anywhere in the UK. For almost 25 years we have scoured the world for the most exciting and innovative products, and we pride ourselves as being precisely in tune with the latest trends.


Smaller items are displayed on shelves and display surfaces in our workshop, although most of the ceiling space is filled with hundreds of pairs of hand-dipped candles hanging from pegs on wooden beams. Here we stock wall sconces of various types, floral candle rings, snuffers, moulded candles, candle pots, floaters, water candles, egg candles, church candles, translucent “jelly” candles, aladdin candles, candles in the shapes of icebergs, animals, flowers, dragons, wizards, cottages, boots, lovers, almost anything else you can imagine..... We stock tea-lights, night-lights, delicate tapers, garden flares and chunky tapers, essential oils, oil burners, lanterns, and wall-mounted candle holders. Then there are the candlesticks, made of stone, wood, glass, metal, earthenware, china, plaster, and other materials. Some are made from recycled glass and others from recycled bobbins from old woollen mills. Where we can find the space, we hang candelabras -- mostly made of metal, some from the UK and others imported from Sweden, Denmark, India, the Phillipines, and many other countries.

In our upstairs gallery we utilise the high pitched roof space and wooden beams to show off our larger items -- especially larger candelabras (some of them taking up to 12 candles) and floor-standing candle-holders. There are also higher-priced glass candle holders, hard-crafted metal candlesticks, and a range of beautiful wall sconces made from burnished steel. we stock many items from Wales, and we have a policy of sourcing our products from within Wales when we can. Larger church candles can be found here, as well as candle-making kits, books about candle-making, and many exotic items from India, Turkey, Italy, Africa, Germany, France, and China.

Pay us a visit, and you will be surprised and delighted by the sheer range of things which people make all over the world in order to enjoy the special ambience of candle lighting.