Extracts from Published Reviews of "On Angel Mountain"


".... a well-paced and well-plotted tale with a gripping finale and a strong sense of place -- so strong that it makes the reader want to visit the mountain for himself and pick his way among the rocks and bluestones in search of traces of Plas Ingli and its spirited mistress, Martha Morgan." Keith Johnson, Pembrokeshire Life magazine

"...in many ways the mountain is not merely a location, but almost a character in the dramatic story of Martha Morgan, the feisty Mistress of Plas Ingli." "......we are plunged into Martha's life, dramatically too, since the first thing she records is the planning of a suicide note. It is a sign of the writer's skill that from this moment we enter fully into Martha's vivid world." "...if you enjoy a lively, skilful and exciting portrayal of real life in eighteenth century Pembrokeshire, you will have to buy On Angel Mountain." Fred Nicholls, County Echo

".... will unquestionably enjoy an audience not only in Wales, but for anyone with the remotest interest on our nation." "..a complex plot told through the diary entries of a young woman, using a slightly archaic form of language." "... the concept itself was imaginative and enjoyable." Dean Powell, Western Mail

"Brian John is a well-known authority on the history, customs and natural history of Pembrokeshire, and his intimate knowledge of the subject is apparent on every page of this, his first novel. It is soundly based on historical fact, and allusions to genuine historical people and events give it a feeling of authenticity. We get a vivid picture of life in eighteenth-centuryWales." "But this is more than just a diary of a country lady. Cleverly woven into the text runs a dark and sinister tale. Throughout the year Martha experiences feelings of menace and unease which build to a shocking climax when she is persecuted from two sides and finally finds her own salvation." "The book will give pleasure both to those who are fascinated by social history and to those who enjoy a gripping tale." Margaret Jenkins, Gwales (a review from www.gwales.com, with the permission of the Welsh Books Council.

"It's got the lot -- love, nature, mystery and a lot of charm -- a bit Wilkie Collins. The period detail is so authentic you forget it's recently written and it's one of those books you miss when you've finished it." Welsh Living