The author on the summit of Carningli


Map of Martha Morgan’s Little World, 1796-1855


Some comments about "On Angel Mountain" from pre-publication reviews:


“A bright, engaging piece of writing. The story is told with pace, leaving the reader with intriguing mysteries and the need to read on. A most enjoyable book, incorporating a vivid and convincing reconstruction of Eighteenth Century Welsh life.”

“At the centre of the book Martha Morgan is a fascinating example of the “new woman”. Breaking out of the submissive, passive role expected of women of the time, she emerges as self-assured, intelligent, ambitious, socially aware -- and witty. The modern reader will enjoy spirited Martha.”

“An appealing and well-written book with a complex and well-rounded plot.”

“The story, told through the diary entries of the heroine, is about self-discovery, love and loyalty, compassion and courage. The author taps into the psyche of 18-year-old Martha in a remarkable way, but this is by no means simply a novel about feelings and emotions. The action is fast and ultimately brutal.”

“A book about country people and their complex conventions and relationships. But running through the whole story is the strange and mystical connection between the heroine and Carningli -- her private mountain”

“The climax is both moving and powerful, and in reading it I became thoroughly involved. I defy anybody to put the book down during the final 50 pages.”

About the Author

Brian John is a full-time writer who currently divides his time between the UK, Sweden and Gran Canaria. He has hundreds of articles and more than 40 books to his name, including coffee table glossies, university texts, books on environmental issues, scientific volumes intended for a lay readership, folklore, guide books, and five books of jokes. He has worked as a field scientist in Antarctica, and was a lecturer in Geography at Durham University for 11 years. His publishers include Orbis, Hodder Headline, Wiley, Collins, David and Charles, Longman, and Aurum/HMSO. He also runs his own small publishing business and undertakes contract publishing for local authorities, museums and other institutions. He is heavily involved in community groups and in the work of environmental charities. He is a keen walker, and is in great demand as a leader of guided walks and as a lecturer on folklore, archaeological mysteries and ice age topics. He is married and has two sons. "On Angel Mountain" was his first novel. He has now completed the seventh part of the "Angel Mountain" saga, entitled "Sacrifice".