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Published  2001-2012

Set in West Wales in

Then there are the other characters -- a host of very nasty villains, and the "angels" who help Martha to survive in the face of all the disasters that cruel fate decrees for her.  Joseph Harries the Wizard is already a firm favourite; then we have housekeeper Blodwen Owen, Grandpa Isaac, the poetic and gentle Owain Laugharne, handmaiden Bessie Walter, smuggler Skiff Abraham, Patty the ex-prostitute, Brynach the foundling, the rough industrialist Wilmot Gwynne, the preacher called Jones Minor Prophet, and a host of others.....

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The original saga of five volumes was published over a five-year period, 2001-2005. On Angel Mountain, House of Angels, Dark Angel, Rebecca and the Angels, and Flying with Angels are all reprinted. The sequel -- Guardian Angel -- appeared in 2007. It is is still available in its first edition. Sacrifice was published in 2009, and Conspiracy of Angels in 2012. There is also a companion book to the saga, entitled "Martha Morgan's Little World" -- in a limited signed hardback edition only.

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